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Just for Fun

International Dog Day

August 26th is International Dog Day!

All my patients are human….but did you know that dogs (cats and horses too) can get acupuncture? Here in Kentucky, like many states, it must be provided by a veterinarian.
You can do some acupressure massage on your fur baby using the same points as for humans. I did some acupressure on my friend’s 8-year old German Short-hair Pointer along his back once and from then on every time I came to visit, regardless of how long it had been, he would walk up to me, sit down with his back to me, and look over his shoulder as if to say, “I’m ready for my massage.” 😄
happy black and white pit bull

International Tiger Day

Today is International Tiger Day! 🐅
And of course 2022 is the Year of the Tiger… Year of the Water Tiger to be exact, so I picked a photo of a tiger in water for the occasion. 😊 In honor of these great animals, here’s a few facts you might find interesting, starting with their most iconic feature: their stripes…

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