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The acupuncture office of Deborah Hutchinson, PhD, LAc, DiplAc (NCCAOM)®. Located in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, offering acupuncture and moxibustion according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles

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Diabetes: Can Acupuncture Help?

picture of woman removing cup with text that reads Can acupuncture help with diabetes?Did you know that acupuncture can be a powerful ally for people who have various types of Diabetes?

It’s true…let me explain how an acupuncturist views the common condition.

Although Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine use different methods to treat common diseases, both approaches also agree on many things. So what are the similarities? Both Western and Eastern focus on diet, weight loss, and exercise to treat diabetes.  Both use medications, nutritional supplements or herbs to reduce blood sugar and improve cellular respiration. However, the each medical system has different theories, diagnostic patterns, and treatment methods.

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How the Weather Affects Our Health

A healthy Forecast: How the Weather Affects Our Health

We’ve probably all heard motherly advice at some point reminding us to bundle up in cold weather so we don’t “catch a cold”, or hear grandpa accurately predict a storm when his hip starts aching. Or how about getting a case of the winter weather blues? Even in the western world we recognize a relationship with nature in terms of environmental conditions. Changes in temperature, sunlight, barometric pressure, and humidity all play a role in this relationship. It’s the same in Chinese Medicine. You’ve probably heard me talk about things like Wind invasion, Dampness, and Summerheat in appointments too. Well, you are in the right spot to learn a little more about them!

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Let’s End Mental Health Stigma!

Let’s normalize mental health!

Using numbers compiled by the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), let’s borrow the idea of a village of 100 people, because it’s a lot easier to imagine 100 people than millions, in order to see just how we fit in the picture. So imagine, out the next 100 adults you encounter…

  • 20 are currently diagnosed with a mental illness
  • 31 have had some type of anxiety disorder in their lifetime
  • 9 will have an eating disorder in their lifetime
  • 8 have experienced at least 1 major depressive episode in the past year
  • 4 have been diagnosed with PTSD
  • 5 have ADHD
  • 3 have bipolar disorder disorder
  • 1 has schizophrenia
  • 3 will have experienced an episode of psychosis in their lifetime
  • 75 (yes, 3/4 of people) will experience an episode of depersonalization/ derealization in their lifetime

These are just the numbers for adults and actual numbers are likely higher since so many people do not seek help. That’s a lot of people who have personal experience with a mental health problem. Now think of the ripple effect of mental illness — how it impacts the lives of those with mental and emotional disorders, their family and friends, the community, everybody.

You are not alone!

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