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Let’s End Mental Health Stigma!

Let’s normalize mental health!

Using numbers compiled by the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), let’s borrow the idea of a village of 100 people, because it’s a lot easier to imagine 100 people than millions, in order to see just how we fit in the picture. So imagine, out the next 100 adults you encounter…

  • 20 are currently diagnosed with a mental illness
  • 31 have had some type of anxiety disorder in their lifetime
  • 9 will have an eating disorder in their lifetime
  • 8 have experienced at least 1 major depressive episode in the past year
  • 4 have been diagnosed with PTSD
  • 5 have ADHD
  • 3 have bipolar disorder disorder
  • 1 has schizophrenia
  • 3 will have experienced an episode of psychosis in their lifetime
  • 75 (yes, 3/4 of people) will experience an episode of depersonalization/ derealization in their lifetime

These are just the numbers for adults and actual numbers are likely higher since so many people do not seek help. That’s a lot of people who have personal experience with a mental health problem. Now think of the ripple effect of mental illness — how it impacts the lives of those with mental and emotional disorders, their family and friends, the community, everybody.

You are not alone!

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