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Qi Gong Exercises for Pain Relief

Qi Gong is a type of exercise that involves both mind and body. The name qi gong (气 功) is made up of 2 characters: the first 气 is the same “qi” as in the qi we acupuncturists treat with acupuncture or it can mean “breath” or “air.” The second character 功 means “work” or “exercise.” So as the name indicates, qi gong is a type of exercise that works on the qi of the body, which involves techniques of breathing, physical activity, self-massage, and meditation.

The practice of qi gong is beneficial for maintaining health and for providing relief for many health conditions. It is gentle on the body so virtually anyone can do it regardless of age. Exercises can be altered to fit a person’s physical limitations as well. Below are 8 exercises that can help relieve pain. A more detailed description of qi gong and the different exercises can be downloaded here: QiGongExercises

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