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Inclement weather policy

With the arrival of winter weather conditions, we want to let everyone know our general policy so one knows what to do about one’s appointment. Having spent a number of years in what I like to call “the land of ice and snow”, or as you may know it — Buffalo, NY, for graduate school, I’ve learned to endure quite a bit of the white fluffy scourge that falls from the sky. …But this is Kentucky and we don’t have the resources to deal with snow the same as our neighbors to the north. Furthermore, many of my patients travel from different counties where the road conditions might be drastically different from those in Lexington. So the basic policy for my patients who are trying to decide if he or she should cancel his or her appointment is this:

If you don’t feel like you can get to and from your appointment safely, don’t risk it! Please call us (we worry if we don’t hear from you!) and just let us know that the weather is too bad for you to make your appointment. We totally understand and will be happy to reschedule you!

photo I found that reflects my feelings of living in Buffalo :-)

photo I found that reflects my feelings of living in Buffalo :-)

On our end, when an emergency situation arises and we must close we will notify scheduled patients as soon as possible. Some examples include:

  • over 6 inches of snow falls,

  • electricity is out,

  • heat in the winter is not available

  • air conditioning is not available in the summer during periods of high temperatures,

  • flooding or other disaster (natural or otherwise) that affects transportation or personal safety, or

  • government declares a state of emergency and asks people to stay off the roads.

If you have any questions give us a call. Stay safe and warm! - DH.