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New feature -- appointment reminders!

We have finally gotten a new feature up and running. We can now send out appointment reminders by email or text! Whenever you make an appointment and we log it into the computer, a reminder will be generated automatically and sent out to you (unless you opt out). The message will have the time and date of your appointment and look something like this:

Hello [Joe Q Public],
This is a reminder that you are scheduled for an appointment with us on [Day, MM/DD/YY at HH:MM AM/PM. Please notify us as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours prior, if you need to make any changes to your next visit. We also ask that patients be considerate of other patients' appointments following theirs and arrive no later than 15 minutes. If you think you will be running late, just call and we can adjust or reschedule your appointment.
Sincerely, .......


I hope this is something people like and find helpful. We should have it set up soon for patients to log into the patient portal and see their appointments as well. If you don't have email or text, we can still set up a username and password in the patient portal for you to login to see appointments.