Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Clinic, LLC

The acupuncture office of Deborah Hutchinson, PhD, LAc, DiplAc (NCCAOM). Located in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, offering acupuncture and moxibustion according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles

New additions to the office

If you have been in for a treatment in the last couple weeks you will no doubt have seen my new "staff members." Introducing Yin Yu and Yang Yu ("Yu" just means fish in Mandarin and Yin & Yang... well, I think just about everyone has heard of that). Their job is to entertain and relax everyone and bring a little positive feng shui to the office (it is year of the Fire Monkey, so we need a water element to balance the fire).

Yin is the solid red fish and Yang is the blue and red crown-tail betta who loves to show off...except when I'm trying to take his picture of course!