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Bully Breed Awareness Walk

I want to share an upcoming event here in downtown Lexington that, while not acupuncture-related, is still health-related. Walking is excellent for one's health. Many studies show it's one of the best types of exercise. Studies also reveal health benefits of having an animal companion in one's life. Here's an event to combine both! It's free and open to the public to sign up whether one has a dog, likes dogs, or just want to show one's support for anti-BSL efforts! The website to sign-up can be found here:

(In an ongoing effort to practice what I preach as an acupuncturist, and because of my fondness for a highly misunderstood breed, I plan to attend with my "little" red-nose pibble.)

My fur-baby. Photo by Deborah Hutchinson

My fur-baby. Photo by Deborah Hutchinson