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Western science anatomical discovery

Welcome to my first blog post on my practice website! I've never been one for oversharing, but I thought it might be nice to share some things that I find interesting about acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and the like.

So what do I choose to write about on my first blog entry? A Western scientific discovery, of course! The assumption has been for quite a few decades that there can't be any new discoveries on something so seemingly obvious as the human body. But now, in 2015 we have a "new discovery" of something that has always been there, but we haven't been able to find it. Researchers at the U. of Virginia published a piece in the journal Nature about their new anatomical discovery that, in simple terms, lymphatic vessels are present connecting to the brain. They were largely overlooked (apparently blood vessels have kept them hidden) and so the connection between the brain and the immune system was still a mystery. (click the blog title to read about it)

This is exciting for many reasons: new understanding of immunity, potential progress on diseases like Alzheimer's and MS, etc. However, this is really exciting to me as an acupuncturist! We acupuncturists often hear people question how can acupuncture work because acupuncture channels are "not real" (i.e., "we cannot see them when we dissect a body, so they must not be real"). Now we acupuncturists have a concrete example to support our belief that not being able to see something doesn't mean it isn't real. Perhaps Western scientists will "discover" acupuncture channels one day to be "real" in their terms... or maybe they will learn a new way of understanding the human body that is more than just what we can see with our eyes. Exciting stuff!!!