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Music for relaxation


We are often asked where one can buy the music playing in the office because it is so relaxing. The songs are part of a massive eclectic playlist (curated by me, Deborah) that includes a variety of musical genres (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Tibetan, Indian, Native American, American and European folk, Classical, New Age, etc) and that comes from a variety of music sources. So we decided to make it easier to find. We have an affiliate account with Apple Music. If you purchase the music using one of our links on this webpage, we will get a small commission (thank you in advance!).

seits album cover.jpeg

Dragon & Phoenix — Marilynn Seits

Beautiful piano music. Many songs on this album are on our office playlist.

Campbell album cover.jpeg

5 Elements for Solo Piano Meditation and Feng Shui Music - EP — Jason Campbell

Track 1-5 are piano solos composed to evoke the Five Phases or Elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The 6th track is an explanation of the music and the Elements.

Allen Tibetan album.jpeg

Tibetan Soul — Ron Allen

Ron Allen has a number of other albums of music for meditation and relaxation. One that we have pulled many songs from is this album.

richter sleep album.jpeg

Sleep — Max Richter

The premise behind this 8-hour long album is to use music to tap into the neuroscience of sleep. There is an abbreviated 90-minute version as well. The genre is a little difficult to define; part classical, part experimental.